Parallel Computing Simply In Depth by Ajit Singh-P2P

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This text is an introduction to the emerging world of the Parallel Computing. It helps you understand the principles, algorithm & implementation of Parallel Computing. Our aim is for you to gain sufficient knowledge and experience with Parallel Computing using the best up-to-date techniques and we just aim for it to be the easiest book from which you can learn the Parallel Computing. We chose the topics for this book to cover what is needed to get started with Parallel Computing, not just what is easy to teach and learn. On the other hand, we won’t waste your time with material of marginal practical importance. If an idea is explained here, it’s because you’ll almost certainly need it. This book is emphatically focused on “the concept”. Understanding the fundamental ideas, principles, and techniques is the essence of a good programmer. Only well-designed code has a chance of becoming part of a correct, reliable, and maintainable parallel system. Through this book, we hope that you will see the absolute necessity of understanding Parallel Computing.

Parallel Computing Simply In Depth by Ajit Singh-P2P
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Parallel Computing Simply In Depth by Ajit Singh-P2P
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